About Mejana Mediterranean Grille

On the charming lake view of Avalon Park, downtown, nestled in among the wonderful shops and restaurants, sits one of the jewels of the Avalon Park’s dining scene – Mejana Restaurant. Offering a new take on Mediterranean/Levantine cuisine, Mejana celebrates the taste, ingredients and aromas from an extensive variety of freshly prepared dishes and unique traditional recipes, and a large selection of dazzling seasonings and ‘Mezas’.

With something for everyone, from vegan/vegetarians to meat lovers; Mejana is the perfect all-day dining destination for family dining with amazing options for your little ones , or for a meal out with friends.

Awaken your appetite with our delicious pastries/bakeries with a hot cup of coffee and enjoy many plates and combos for lunch and dinner as well. The Greek and Italian signature desserts of Mejana are not to be missed!

 At ”Mejana, we pay special attention to every detail and do not skimp on the quality of our ingredients, as each dish is unique and is the perfect excuse to delight the palate. Our mission is to excel, not only by offering our guests a taste of the best dishes they deserve, but to make them feel welcome and important.